Meet Malcolm & Marcus Howard of ProjectMQ

Meet Malcolm & Marcus Howard of ProjectMQ


Malcolm & Marcus Howard, founders of ProjectMQ, were recently named the winners of the first ever Hatch House Open, a business competition that drew more than 70 applicants from around the world. Find out all about ProjectMQ, what they think of working with Hatch House, and what Malcolm and Marcus’ plans are for the future of their company:

Tell us a little about ProjectMQ:
ProjectMQ is the social media app for indie game studios and fans worldwide!  Its mission: connect, support, and grow the global indie gaming community.  ProjectMQ curates quality indie games from around the world, and makes them easy for gamers to find. Their users can enjoy ProjectMQ’s ad-supported app for free, or pay a monthly fee to remove ads and unlock premium content. ProjectMQ was a top non-finalist in Richard Branson’s 2015 Extreme Tech Challenge, and has users in more than 40 countries. ProjectMQ has content from 150+ remarkable indie studios. Check out their EPIC LAUNCH TRAILER:

What are our plans now that you’ve won the Open, and have some funding?
Now that we’ve won the open, we’re shifting our focus back to scaling ProjectMQ globally with our viral growth hacking strategies. We’ll invest the funds to produce quality marketing assets, and improve our site performance, in preparation for our upcoming alpha release this Spring.

What did it mean to not only enter, but win a competition of this size?
Winning the Hatch House Open is a major milestone for us, especially in an event with tech-savvy judges and tough competition. The feedback we received from the Hatch House team has been invaluable. We’ve been involved with great startup communities in Savannah, Georgia and Boca Raton, Florida; Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is by far the most innovative and supportive.
We thank God, our family, and our friends for the constant support we’ve had. It’s not easy to sacrifice nights and weekends month after month, chasing the American Dream. A win like this validates our approach to startups, encourages us to keep digging, and brings us one step closer to our goal. We’ve seen the many disappointing statistics about diversity in tech, yet we continue plowing forward in spite of them. Klear, a social intelligence platform, now ranks our ProejctMQ Twitter account in the top 0.5% of all social media users. We hope our success with ProjectMQ helps inspire other minorities to achieve their goals too.

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