Online Business Plan Competition: The Hatch House Open

Online Business Plan Competition: The Hatch House Open

Hatch House is conducting a business model competition for anyone with a developed idea or a startup not in business more than three years. This event is a “for the people, by the people” type of competition. We promise every entry that gets submitted, but does not advance, will get more value in the response than the cost of the competition entry fee.¬†Find our where your idea fell flat. Use our feedback to get back to the drawing board. Applicants will also get a few free video courses on entrepreneurship to help bring more value to applicants.

We’re launching the Hatch House Open in late mid-November. We have Venture Capitalist judges, insane cash prizes, and in-kind services for finalists such as 50 hours of consulting, accounting services, etc.

The event details are forthcoming. Stand by for more info. Any questions, let me know: [email protected]

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